Ni hao, Taipei! 👋 #vsocam #photography #myphotos (at 桃園國際機場 Taoyuan International Airport)

Ni hao, Taipei! 👋 #vsocam #photography #myphotos (at 桃園國際機場 Taoyuan International Airport)

Just be thankful

"I am thankful to all those people who are happy for me.."

And that includes my family. I kinda feel bad because I don’t show that I am happy on the outside when in fact I truly am. I’ve been upfront about the fact that I am not good in expressing my feelings, it may show that I’m not appreciative to those things people are giving me. Don’t get me wrong, I say ‘thank you’ when people help me lol

It’s been sort of a rocky month since the school year ended. I’ve been in the dumps since April started. I realize that I should stop moping around and be thankful to all those blessings God is giving me. There’s no point of being sad because something bad happened in the past or something, just be thankful that you’ve passed that road, be happy.

I don’t know.. I feel like typing these thoughts & realizations tonight lol I need to release the tension that’s been keeping me off these past weeks. I am seriously tired from all of these, need it to let go *Frozen’s Let It Go plays*. I’m also thankful that my family is happy for me, for whatever their reasons are. I am the only one that is not accepting the fact the they are.

So, by tomorrow. I’ll be flying somewhere across the globe. I will take this chance to clear my head off and start a real vacation. All of these will not be possible without God giving me the chance to.

Before You Exit - Dangerous (Official Music Video) [x]

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Connor McDonough - Soldier Music Video Behind The Scenes [x]

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