"The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too. The people that love you, simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people."

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Before You Exit - As Long As You Love Me/Beauty and a Beat (Justin Bieber mash up)

Still my favorite BYE cover aside from All of Me. Love how they mixed the two songs together and the acoustic feel.. classy!

The 7 Stages Of Post-Travel Syndrome

This post definitely hit me. Ever since we got back from the US, I’ve been relieving moments from our trip and been missing it every single damn day. I’ll go through it one by one if you may..

1. Reuniting with your life

  • I was glad that I can use the bathroom longer and do my rituals one by one. To be honest, I haven’t spent 30 minutes in the bathroom when we were on our trip because we were always on the go and we got one so there’s no time. During our last week, I haven’t been able to sleep comfortably because I was sleeping on the couch most of the time so when I got to sleep on my on bed, I felt relieved.

2. Recollection

  • The first day since we got back, I was feeling a bit strange because first, it was hot. I tell you, heat in LA compared to the Philippines is sooo different. I was not used to this humid heat weather of the PI for the last month. I was irritated, tbh. I transferred our pics from my DSLR to my laptop and checked our photos and can’t help but think that this trip really did happened. It wasn’t a dream or anything. I was constantly checking our pictures and even made a video of it. Crazy, I know!

3. Rock Bottom

  • I’ve been constantly telling my friends and nephews that I miss the Bay Area so much that I wanna go back, asap. That I miss the cold & chilly weather of Bay Area, the laid back aura of it and the simple and chill life of Northern California. The ease to buy the things you always read and see on the internet, and so on. I want to fast forward the days and be summer again. And then it hit me— reality.

4. Depression

  • Hanging in the house, going somewhere doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I’ve been reading my past tweets since we were on our trip and looking back at those days when were always out and traveling. Watching NBA wasn’t exciting anymore because you watch it during mornings, not afternoon or night. Everything gets less exciting.

5. Bargaining

  • I can always go back to US if I have a job and is earning money. The problem is, I don’t work, I’m still in school. So how on Earth am I going to support myself next year? I just don’t know.. The only think that I can think of is to do well this school year for a reward.

6. Moving forward with higher standards

  • I don’t know but, I start comparing things from the US (more so in California) and here in the Philippines. I totally understand why my friends complain and always compare the way of life in the US and here. I know it’s wrong but I just can’t stop comparing :| Then it hits me again, "you are in the Philippines, not in the States. You can’t do anything about it."

All of a sudden, the mundane life and the simple things that came along with it you once thought you appreciated, no longer can make you happy.

- This is SO true.

I’m still between #5 and #6.. I’m still on the process of the PTS (Post-travel syndrome) of mine. And I don’t think it will disappear soon.

Let me just say how I am happy to buy these two products that helped me with my skin— clear skin, clearing my hyperpigmentation, and most definitely, no case of bad breakouts.


Clarisonic’s Mia 2 

This went to my “top beauty list to buy in the future” when I read good and satisfied reviews from beauty and non-beauty gurus on the internet. Yes, it is quite pricey but it is definitely worth the money, I tell you. This was the first thing I bought when we were in the US, talk about how excited I was when I saw this in Macy’s haha! I love using this because it really cleans your face. I only use this at night since my face doesn’t get dirty at night (well, duh). Some use this twice a week, some everyday.. it really depends on your skin on how sensitive it is.


First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser

Of course, what’s the use of your Mia 2 if you don’t have a good facial cleanser right? If you watch Ingrid Nilsen’s (Missglamorrazi) monthly favorite videos, she mentioned this on her January favorites. She was praising this product because it helped her have no breakouts for a month and cleared her skin. Again, I put this on my ”top beauty list to buy in the future”. This was one of the things I last bought so I got to use this when I got back from the US. Mind you, I was having breakouts when we were there because of the unhealthy foods we were eating, no exercise, and having not enough rest and sleep. After 2 weeks of using it everyday, I noticed that I wasn’t having any bad breakouts even if I was already nearing my monthly period. Well, I’ve had 2 pimples but it quickly cleared after a day or two. With the help of my Mia 2, I also noticed that my hyperpigmentation on my left cheek is fading.

I don’t know but I really think that these two products helped me with my skin problems. Also, I was having enough rest, fixed my diet and doing morning workout/exercise everyday. I believe that in achieving a good skin is having a balanced lifestyle and also in choosing the right products to use.

John Green’s deleted scene in TFiOS (X)

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