Jueves 14

Happy Valentines? Lol.

What a long day! Started waking up at 4:30 AM and still up till now. Reality hasn’t sunk in yet for me since something happened today. I wasn’t expecting this to happen, even before. I am super blessed to have this opportunity. Everybody in class today were all hyper and noisy (as always but much more today). It was our first Valentines together so everybody was high. Finally bought our concert ticket for 2PM’s What Time Is It live tour concert on March 2! Cannot wait for that. Had a fast dinner with my parents. I’m kinda ‘excited’ hearing their plans. I still have to make up for my grades though :|

Overall, it was a long and happy day. God is really great :)

I’m glad we have Bioethics or Humanities and Ethics as our subject. It reminds us what’s our sole purpose why we pursued this path and keeps us sane. We had a fruitful first lecture this morning and we shared our own vision as medical students. Kamuntikan nang maiyak yung isang nag share, seriously. I do hope we would graduate 4 years from now. 

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1 year ago

"Big huge quiff.."

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