Where’s sembreak?

First of all, game 3 of the UAAP basketball mens senior was dksfjskdfhsjdk. My heart was pounding in the last seconds of the game. Congratulations to the DLSU community for winning the championship this season! It was a very good season to be honest.

I feel coach Pido’s exasperation over that last seconds of the game before going to an OT. If Aljon passed the ball to Jeric, he could have had a buzzer beater shot, winning the title.. but I guess everything happens for a reason. I’m still sad for the Tigers especially Jeric. He went through a lot this season (half missing the games before the semis because of his injury). I know how badly he wanted to leave UST having that championship. Again, I believe everything happens for a reason. UST proved themselves this season though. Barely getting into the final 4, knocking out the number 1 team (NU) for the first time in UAAP history.. that’s a lot! I just don’t want to see another crying picture of Jeric spreading online.. it makes me sad :( (affected lang? XD). It’s just that.. nakaka-sad naman talaga! It’s his last year eh! But you know, their brotherly love (with Jeron) is really something. It was tugging to see them hugging each other at the end of the game. 

Okay so enough with the UAAP season! It’s our last week (technically) and I can’t wait to go on break even though we only have 2 weeks of freedom before another sem kicks in. So much stuff to do: reunite with my friends in Manila, hitting the gym, tv show marathon, and read books! I don’t think I can finish all of that in a span of 2 weeks. But, whatever!

Once October starts, it’s the start of our hell month. Ayoko na. Lol. Can’t wait for our sembreak. Ang bilis lang ng araw. Hindi ko na-feel yung 3 months na dumaan. Feeling ko parang June lang last month lol. Time flies when you’re having fun? Teka, fun ba yung pumapasok ka Monday-Saturday + you have to study like every day + long exams & quizzes? 

I missed Tumblr! *gasp*

School suck. It’s like everyday we get to have long exams UGH #medstudentproblems lol

I feel loved!

This really caught me. D’awww <3

I miss writing random stuffs here *sigh*. It’s just that I don’t have the leisure of time to do so AND I have nothing interesting to type. I am so sorry :| I’ll try my very best to keep this tumblog a bit personal again.

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