These last two months of school has been a bitch. Some of my classmates has been annoying as hell and have shown their true colors. Honestly, I’ve never been so pissed and irritated at them. Before that incident happened, everything was going good— everybody’s been treating everybody nice. My other group’s relationship was doing good and fun as usual..not until that rumour broke. They’ve judged people not knowing the true story. What I’ve been so mad about is that they are claiming to be “clean”, as if they haven’t done anything unacceptable in the past or now. The second reason that has been irritating and annoying is that these “friends” are not acting as if were friends with them. It’s just sad that you treated them as friends but when something happens, they leave you hanging up in the air. Sila pa ang unang iiwan sayo. I feel sad for my friend, siya pa tuloy yung nag mukhang masama. Nakakasama lang ng loob.

In the past months, I’ve been going to school seeing people talk behind your back, not wanting to help you, judging you like a bad person, and watching every move you make. That’s shit.. Everything is crap. But, as long as you know yourself and you’ve done nothing wrong to them, why be affected? I’ve been trying my best keeping my head up high and saying & commenting nothing against them. I keep reminding myself, why stoop down to their level? That’s not…classy, they’re not classy and are not worth of time and energy. I planned to vent after finals but nah.. not worth it and, not classy lol

I feel bad for my parents though. I haven’t been myself these past months because school has been stressing me out. Everytime they ask me about school, I just shrug. I just don’t want to talk about school at home because it just adds to the stress I’m experiencing. Now, my mum thinks I’m mad at someone particularly one in our family because I was distant yesterday. First of, I am not mad at anyone,
second, I was acting like a bitch yesterday because I was experiencing PMS— ya’ know, hormones and I hate it when that happens.

Currently, I’m still stressing about my grades. I have remedials scheduled next week and it’s such a pain in the arse and neurons just because I am SO LAZY to study anymore :( but what the heck.. I have to and I need to pass this. And after, I can now finally rest and relax from all stressors.

I missed Tumblr! *gasp*

School suck. It’s like everyday we get to have long exams UGH #medstudentproblems lol

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"Remember this simple truth whenever you are suffering, that suffering too shall pass.."
Like what others say, tiwala lang.

"Remember this simple truth whenever you are suffering, that suffering too shall pass.."

Like what others say, tiwala lang.

I don’t know what’s happening to me in these past days. I am not being myself and definitely was out of focus. I tend to think irrational thoughts always and being paranoid, too. 

The month of September is really emotionally and mentally draining. Two weeks from now, it’s already October and the first semester is already ending. I don’t know if I should be excited because of our sembreak or I should be nervous because of my grades. I don’t know what to feel huhuhu :(((( I don’t know what to do.. I.. just.. don’t :| 

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