Where’s the credit at?

Last night as I was watching television, a TVC/ad of Chiz Escudero greeting Pangasinenses a happy Pistay Dayat appeared. As I was watching, I saw two familiar pictures of last year’s Pistay Dayat’s street dancing. It was really really familiar and looked the same as the ones I took last year. When I got home this evening, I immediately checked my photos and to my dismay, it was the same as the ones that were featured at the TVC/ad. 

As the owner of those photos, who wouldn’t be happy to see his/her photos featured in a tvc/ad as everybody can see it because it’s plugged on regional channel! (the tvc/ad is only visible here in northern Luzon, I believe.) Not to mention, it is also promoting the activities and events that happened in our province. Despite of that “exposure”, I wasn’t happy, at all. First, I was shocked knowing and seeing my photos are being exposed WITHOUT MY PERMISSION NOR CREDITED ME OR MY BLOGSITE. Those photos were only posted here on my tumblog for public viewing. I’ll appreciate if they at least credited me or my site or letting me know that they’ll use them. But no! They didn’t! It is very unfair. I’m thinking of letting the regional network which is ABS-CBN know my stand in this. I’m sure you’ll also do the same. Instead of being proud to see your work on tv, in a situation like this, you would want to remove your work on that ad like ASAP.

These are the photos that were used:

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